To report any suspected abuse, please Call the

Child Abuse Hotline


or 1-800-932-0313

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Postal Address
1061 Waterdam Plaza Drive
Suite 204
McMurray, PA 15317


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What does Watchful Shepherd do? 

We provide:

​                                     Safety  for families

Peace of mind   for Caseworkers

Prevention   of deteriorating events


By providing a monitoring system which acts as a deterrent to prevent abuse as well as a powerful tool to report abuse or neglect in the home.  

By pressing the main "HELP" button or waterproof wrist band button, emergency services are notified and help is immediately sent to the home.  This either stops the abuse or deters it from happening in the first place.

                                                         Our Mission Statement: 

To promote the distribution and installation of electronic devices to afford protection with an alarm system for abused and neglected children.


"Thank you Watchful Shepherd for giving us the monitor... its been helping our daughter sleep better.  It helps alleviate her anxiety and stress at night knowing she has a safer environment."

Child Abuse and Family Violence Prevention Program

  • Since the inception of the Watchful Shepherd Program there have been NO reported cases of abuse in the homes where the Watchful Shepherd unit is placed.
  • Watchful Shepherd USA has also proven beneficial for family members where domestic violence is pervasive and there is a child in the home. 
  • The knowledge that authorities can be easily and quickly notified is a deterrent to prevent situations from happening in the first place.
  • There is significant cost savings with protection in the home instead of foster care or other placements.
  • Watchful Shepherd partners with community agencies to help implement the prevention program with ongoing safety plans at NO COST to the agencies or families themselves.  Funds are completely paid for by Watchful Shepherd through our own fundraising efforts.
  • Watchful Shepherd helps keep families united.