I’m not sure where to begin. My concerns at the present are for my nephew’s son, who is now in the custody of his mother. A Judge ruled that this young child is definitely in the care of a watchful and diligent mother, even though she admitted in court she had several legal violations, including drug and alcohol use. She admitted to residing with a felon. The courts and law enforcement agencies have turned a deaf ear and they really turned defensive. I am going to e-mail this picture of ------ burns (which his mother claims was made with a curling iron, by himself) to officials, hoping to prevent this mother from doing worse damage. I know this letter is disjointed, but I really need to find out if there is anything your agency can do, or any advice you can offer. If there is anything you can do or advice you can give to help; please contact me.
Thank you. 

Hi there, I just read all about your organization online, and think it is a great step in resolving child abuse…I myself was victim of physical, mental, and sexual abuse when I was a child…the abuse came from several different people. When I went to children services myself as a kid, they just would take me home, where my mom would beat me to exhaustion. Today, I am ok, after many years of therapy…I have a zero tolerance level for any kind of abuse or violence in any society of our world, but have a heart for the kids, since I was once in their shoes. I feel that your Watchful Shepherd Program could really help children in need…I was wondering if there is anything that I could do in my community to try to bring that system here…I live in PA…or if there is anything I can do for your organization…hats off to you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. I do hope that you can be of great help! What does a family member do when they suspect that a family member’s child is being neglected by their parent? We are definitely not talking about sexual abuse. The abuse I am talking about is neglect in every way. How do I know if it’s really abuse? Should I report it right away? Being a family member, should I take the matter in my own hands or leave it? Am I just crazy and seeing things? Who do I contact in my area? Is there someone who can just check things out to make sure I am not jumping to conclusions? I am at my wits end here. I lose sleep worry about this 2-1/2 year old precious little girl. I just want to wrap her in my arms and tell her that I will take care of everything and that she will never be without again. I don’t know what to do. Please help me!!! Please!!! What is abuse anyways…am I reporting the right things. I can’t just let her be harmed. Too many children are suffering because people are afraid to tell. I can’t hold it anymore. I do know that her parents had to leave another state because Child Services were after them.  Thank you.

When my brother in law was murdered last July, his ex-wife turned to crack as well as being an alcoholic. The two children have watched as mom hid people from the police, used drugs, had drug parties, invited men to live with them that are abusive to the children as well as to her, made legal action so that nobody in Jeff’s family could have contact with the children, and now she and her friends are making the drugs in the home. The children have been locked in the basement while parties were going on and they are told that this family wants them to be taken away from mommy and they will have no parents. We have contacted Child Services several times. The children will not say anything against their mom, who could blame them, because they are scared to death of what my happen to her and to them. I thought the idea was to protect the children from that type of a situation. The police are aware of the situations, the drugs and the living conditions of the children. Right now, they are working on the drug situation. Their hands are tied on the children until they raid the house, unless the children speak up. I don’t want their mom to go to jail. I want her to get help so that she can be the mom she used to be to her sons. She was wonderful with them before the drugs; she was a model mom. I am afraid that one day soon the children will wake up and find their mom dead on the floor. I am afraid that the police will raid the house and the children and she will never be able to be a family again. They need help so that they can deal with their problems and become who they used to be. If you can help in any way, I would be so thankful.

My niece is currently living with her mother who is living with a man who burned and molested his children and was abusive to his ex-wives. My brother is frantic, trying to get her out of the situation (she is 7 yrs. old). We are not getting any help from the police or court system. “He’s not a danger because it was his own child (not my niece) he molested”. “There is no evidence the child is in danger because the mother wasn’t attacked” (she had bruises on her throat) and the child stated that “He choked mommy” until he told her she was lying and then she stated the same. Also she has started wetting the bed when she is with her mother and the mother’s boyfriend because she “is scared to walk past the couch where he sleeps”. We are trying to find out what more we can do to get her safe and make the police and court system protective of the children here in Michigan. They seem to be extremely protective of the child molesters here and not the small victims. Any information would be appreciated. 

I am so excited to see an organization like yours. As a young girl, my grandfather abused me, and I have always wished there had been a way for me to call out for help. Your program, even if it only saves one child, has already done a wonderful thing. God blesses you for taking the initiative to protect those who are not yet capable of protecting themselves.

About 4 years ago, my parents and I allowed a woman from our church and her daughter to live with us for what we thought was 2 weeks. It turned out that the mother neglected and physically and emotionally abused her daughter. We finally reported the case to the child protective services, only to have them tell us that the mother, was indeed abusive, but above the law. We had to get the mother out of the house, because she was about to proclaim squatter’s rights. We found that she had alcohol in the home, and was also a high class call girl. We have done what we can, but the little girl still suffers. We have her over to our home every 2 weeks. Her father brings her. Though he is not abusing her, he thwarts all efforts to have her taken away from her mother because he feels he will never see her again if he doesn’t comply with the mother’s wishes. He is Hungarian. We are so afraid that now that she is pre-teen, she might be taken by her mother and thrown into prostitution. The mother has beaten her and used her for the mother’s gain. What can we do? We are not sure where else to turn. Could you please write me back with some suggestions?

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