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Child Abuse and Family Violence Prevention Program

How it works

  1. A child/case comes into consideration if the agency determines that a child is under immediate threat or fear or abuse.
  2. Contact is established by Watchful Shepherd Unit to emergency response at Response Center.
  3. Dispatchers establish voice contact with child within 10 seconds.
  4. Response center staff immediately notifies 911 or appropriate local police dispatch.
  5. Police respond to Watchful Shepherd call at home of child, special instruction may require Agency notification.
  6. Police ascertain:​ Child at risk, child removed from home under 24 hour protection emergency shelter care provision and taken into police custody. Agency notified.
  7. Caseworker from Agency goes to police station and determines if child needs further emergency placement or if child may return home.
  8. Notification of incident and result sent to Watchful Shepherd Coordinator. 

To report any suspected abuse, please Call the

Child Abuse Hotline


or 1-800-932-0313

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