To report any suspected abuse, please Call the

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or 1-800-932-0313

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  • Dateline NBC, 1998
  • Heart of the Matter, BBC, England, 1998
  • TV interview, Philadelphia, PA
  • National Public Radio, Kentucky, Tennessee
  • Time magazine
  • Television interview, New York, NY 

Lycos Inc. Hosts Web Site for Special Child-Protection Program.

  • Lycos is providing WWW server space to Watchful Shepherd
  • The website will hopefully help to bring children out of isolation. 

Observer-Reporter, "Watchful Shepherd’s Flock Growing in U.S., Abroad."

  • Watchful Shepherd helps to preserve the family unit. 

Pittsburgh Catholic, "The Watchful Shepherd - An Effective Deterrent to Child Abuse."

  • The system provides the necessary feeling of safety to kids whom suffer physical, sexual, or emotional abuse

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, "Projects Pilot Says Cause is Urgent."

  • Lycos donated a ten-page website:
  • Lycos adopted Watchful Shepherd as a charity. It has introduced the monitoring concept to agencies in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. 

Observer-Reporter, A Shepherd for Abused Children.

  • A three-unit pilot program has grown into a national system with over 100 units in place in several states.
  • E-mails have been received from all over the U.S. as well as from India, Australia, China and Botswana. 

Press Releases

Child Abuse and Family Violence Prevention Program


  • 2002 NFL Community Quarterback Award
  • 2002 Senator John Heinz Award
  • 2002 Italian American Volunteerism Award
  • 2001 National Jefferson Award from the American Institute for Public Service
  • 2001 Catholic Digest National "Good Egg Award"
  • Rotary Foundation International Paul Harris Fellow Award
  • Citizen of the Year Award in Pittsburgh
  • J.C. Penney Golden Rule Award
  • National League of Women Voters Social Service Award
  • Marriott Corporation Modern Health Care Service Excellence Award
  • Pittsburgh Annual Health Care Heroes Award. 

Lycos and the Watchful Shepherd Join Forces to Prevent Child Abuse.

  • The goal is to improve abused children’s’ access to emergency help.
  • Lycos provides banner advertisements on the Internet.
  • In two months’ time, the organization received almost 400 inquiries from such places as Brazil, Moscow, Israel and Australia. 

Observer-Reporter, "End Abuse of Little Children."

Watchful Shepherd is a voice for children who do not have a vote.
The program has protected 600-700 children in Washington County, Pennsylvania.

Allegheny News, "AUMC-Canonsburg’s Watchful Shepherd Aids Kids."

  • The program unites local resources to protect at-risk children.
  • Allegheny General Hospital is the first urban trauma center to adopt the monitoring program. 

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, "Fayette CYS to Introduce Electronic Home Monitors."

  • Fayette County now utilizes the monitoring system as an abuse deterrent and security promoter.
  • CYS provides training to social service professionals and to local and state police officers. 

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